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We at Abbott's specialize in helping people with evaluating, valuing, purchasing and selling personal property. If an item has collectible or intrinsic value, you can bet that we make a market with it. You might ask how could we be of assistance to you? Whether you are an investment advisor who wants to diversify your client's portfolio with numismatics and precious metals, a jeweler who needs to find out what the accurate grades of a diamond are, a judge who needs an accurate independent third party unbiased approach to valuing assets in an estate, or somebody who wants to sell something you don't use anymore, we are here for you. States, banks, estates, attorneys, law enforcement, judges and regular people have come to use our services regularly.

We approach our work from a helpful disposition. If you don't need our services, we will tell you, and not charge you for it. If you do need our help, you can be assured that the job will be done correctly the first time! Personal property covers a lot of ground.

To better acquaint you with our approach to business first lets review a brief history of Abbott's. Starting with coins in 1956 we quickly increased our scope of business to include silver hollowware, autographs and wristwatches. The 1960's saw an increase in business, the opening of our Grand River location and our move to Birmingham, Michigan. By the 1970's we were the largest coin dealership in Michigan. We also were actively engaged in buying and selling jewelry, currency, stamps, silverware, gold and silver bullion, and figurines. By the time the Hunt brothers drove the silver prices up in the late 1970's and early 1980's we were well established and able to help our loyal client base through perilous times. During the 1990's we diversified even further, growing Abbott's into an internationally recognized and respected corporation. Today, as we move into the Twenty-first Century, we hope we will be able to help you with your personal property needs.

Abbott's Corp.   33700 Woodward Ave.   Birmingham, MI 48009   248-644-8565

Last Updated 11/06/2013